Ein "Danke!" an uns!

Wer von euch Twitter hat wird die Nachrichten von Rob, Kris und Taylor wahrscheinlich schon gelesen haben.

Hier noch einmal für alle die kein Twitter haben:



From Kristen - You all have proven you're the most amazing fans in the world once again.

From Kristen cont. - I feel so lucky to be a part of The Twilight Saga and thank you for making us #1!

From Kristen cont. - Yes, I twittered. Or twitted..tweeted? I dunno, but thank you sooo much anyway..!



From Rob - Thank you for making NEW MOON #1. It's very exciting to be a part of something embraced by so many people.

From Rob cont.- I hope you are looking forward to ECLIPSE as much as I am.



From Taylor - Thanks for your incredible support of New Moon.

From Taylor cont. - Your passion for The Twilight Saga is the sole reason we're #1 across the world!


Das ist doch mal klasse :-)

Danke auch an die 3 für die beiden tollen Filme!


Bella (Admin)

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